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Trade Manage Capital, Inc. has been servicing the financial markets for nearly three decades offering the finest order management and trading technologies available on the Street.  We provide our clients an outsourced trading solution, complete with high-touch trader-controlled order handling, complementing some of the most advanced programmatic, systematic and other algorithmic trading technologies . We have over 26 systems and direct connections to over 82 liquidity sources.  We have a Tier One trading desk for phone based trading, supporting instant messaging, and numerous FIX connections over some of the industry’s most utilized Broker Dealer networks.  We also have various flavors of Direct Order Entry routing systems.  

Over the years, while many Wall Street firms have become volume-oriented, losing touch with the specific needs of their clients, Trade Manage Capital, Inc. continues to prides itself on an unwavering commitment to its clients' best interests. For more information, please see more about our firm approach.

A foundation of trust and understanding supported by the highest quality trading, back-office support and technology, fosters strong relationships between Trade Manage Capital, Inc. and our clients.  The greatest cost of any trade is usually the quality of the execution, yet commission is also an important element.  We offer the finest execution services at a very attractive rate.  We do not make markets or act as principals in client orders.  We eliminate these inherent conflicts of interest.  The result is a superior fills at superior prices.  Significant benefit is also realized through the additional time and resources you will now have available to accomplish other areas of your business, rather than worrying about your trade handling, concerned on a tick by tick level.  Our focus and performance ultimately leads to long standing relationships built on loyalty and trust, supported by outstanding trade performance.  With nearly three decades of leadership in the financial markets, Trade Manage Capital, Inc. will help you better meet your trading objectives.


Our commission structure reflects the various types of clients to which we provide our dedicated services.  Our rates for institutional size are priced at $.01 per share.  We reserve the right to establish minimums and as well additional base fees depending on the size of the client, the type of trade, as well as other factors.  All rates include all ECN or other exchanges fees, as reflected in the per share amount.  Thus, we believe our rates below are some of the more affordable commissions, particularly when one considers the high level executions we provide.

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Products Offered

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. offers a wide array of financial products including corporate equities, open- and closed-end, load and no-load mutual funds, government, municipal and corporate bonds, and options contracts.  Whether you are looking for the highest quality trading and execution services via our Tier One Trading Desks or whether you would like us provide a pre-trade analysis and  discuss your ideas before initiating your positions, Trade Manage Capital, Inc. can service your financial needs.