Firm Approach

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. has been leading the agency-only institutional trading market place for nearly 45 years.   Trade Manage Capital, Inc. never makes markets nor trades against client order flow. Trade Manage Capital, Inc. is a 'pure' agency trading desk with one of the industry's best and most highly developed order management, routing and backoffice technologies. The Firm's commissions are some of the most attractive on the Street and, when coupled with the high quality execution services, Trade Manage Capital, Inc. offers tremendous value to its clients. 

The Trade Manage Capital's client base consists of nearly 1000 Institutional clients as well as significant individual, corporate and trust high-net worth accounts.  Our clients expect and receive what we believe is the highest level of trade execution and customer services found anywhere on Wall Street.

Over the last decade, the change in markets and trading technologies has been drastic.   Many firms have become volume-oriented, low-touch in their business approach so as to maximize trading firm profits.  Often this results in insufficient access to their trading desks or execution systems which is not always the most effective solution for trading clients

Others have not evolved, failing to keep pace with the industry and technology trends.   Some are simply using outdated methods for routing to the Street and for servicing customer needs.  Some still trade against order flow or have their most experienced staff trading proprietarily, having lost touch with the importance of their commitments made to their clients and the clients' best interests. Conflicts of interest are commonplace.  If the impact were inconsequential, major firms would not have their best traders working proprietary order flow often taking the other side to client orders.    And yet here at Trade Manage Capital, by remaining an agency-only shop, we use all our skills and technologies to hopefully realize all that extra gain and savings for your sole benefit. 

For nearly 45 years, Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  has been an agency firm for our institutional and high net-worth clients,  and has done so without a single fine or violation.  We believe this speaks volumes about our dedication to our clients.

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. is a leader in the FIX order management arena, having implemented both in-house and third-party FIX OMS systems.  Systems built by us, on our desk, have been implemented at more than a dozen top wall street trading shops.   With proprietary time slicing, VWAP, program trade and other customizable trade systems, access to every ECN, access to dark pools and firms like IEX, etc. as well as regional and primary listed exchange.

These technologies, coupled with our dedicated customer and trade services, has earned  Trade Manage Capital, Inc. an unblemished and highly regarded reputation servicing our clients.