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Customer Service & Trading Technology that outpaces our competition!

  • High-touch & high technology equity trading; A combination of the best Wall Street has to offer;  customized to meet the wide ranging needs of each of our clients;
  • Program, VWAPS, targeted and systematic advanced trading technologies;
  • Options trading;
  • Corporate Buyback/Repurchasing;
  • Pure agency trading for nearly 40 years;
  • Leading FIX engine and other proprietary Order Management & Routing technologies
  • Client PORTAL and Quality of Service Site
  • TradeScan,  Direct Order Entry and other client-side tools;
  • Servicing the institutional markets for nearly 3 decades

Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  offers a full range of services to meet our clients' varying needs.  No single approach fits every clients' objectives so it is critical for our Firm's trading, trading technologies and our services to remain flexible while maintaining what we believe are the highest standards in the industry.  We believe we are one of the industry's strongest agency institutional trading desk.  Some highlights include:

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  services nearly 1000 institutional client accounts, in addition to its several thousand high net worth retail clients.  Our Tier One trading desk is staffed by some of the industry's most experienced and sincere traders, offering our institutional clients an 'outsourced' trading desk; 

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  is firmly committed to personalized, focused attention on every order.  We do not make markets, act as principals or have any firm trading-oriented accounts, all factors which are conflicts of interest against the very best performance for clients.  For many, we are an 'outsourced' trading arm built on trust, confidence, and talent.  Agency trading is difficult.  One must not only have the very best in trade technologies, the very best in traders and trading experience, but you must possess the ability to understand your clients very specific needs, their sometimes explicit and implicit objectives, and you must perform in a manner that helps them meet and exceed those targets.

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  employs proprietary and other in-house, customized OMS solutions which give us approximately 26 different execution technologies with electronic and other access to over 82 liquidity sources, including leading electronic exchanges, dark pools, IEX, etc. as well as connectivity to market makers, floor brokers and two-dollar brokers,  third and fourth markets, all ECNs and a host of other market centers. Smart-routing systems often direct trades to the most prudent sources of liquidity while properly working your order to protect additional balance or size.

In fact, technology designed on our desk and continuously improved on our desk has been licensed by more than a dozen of the industry's leading brokerage firms.


E-Sharx OMS is our in-house, proprietary OMS technology.  Millions of dollars have been invested, and continue to be invested, in this leading trade order management product.

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  offers internalized VWAP and other time slicing technologies as well as our Trade Configurator which lets our traders plot out larger trades with customized slicing intervals, each interval receiving the high quality execution performance for which we are known.   Our TradeScan product allows our desk to better optimize trade execution through real-time, pre-trade and post-trade execution analysis.  By constantly tweaking and revisiting our trading styles and algorithms, we can ensure we remain well ahead of the curve as it relates to best-execution. Trade Manage Capital, Inc. 's leading proprietary technologies and processes for handling swap, arbitrage, combination, conditional and other programmatic-style trading reflects our over 30 years of experience in the industry.

  • Please note that a large number of our orders, as directed by clients, are worked manually following specific marching orders.  Program or other more automated trading, as noted above, can be of tremendous value in overall trade management but nothing ever replaces a skilled traders' involvement in overseeing the broad strokes of the order, as well as ensuring what we believe is the highest quality routing selection and execution of each specific routing and program slice.  We are tremendous fans of mixed programs where larger orders are split such that some large percentage of the ticket size is allocated to the programs, yet some percentage is maintained and traded more manually to take advantage of outlying data points.

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  supports inbound order flow in virtually any form that best helps our clients accomplish their objectives.  While a majority still utilize our industry-leading phone based support, others take advantage of our FIX (Financial Information Exchange) network.  We currently operate on the four largest broker-dealer networks offering tremendous and redundant connectivity to our nearly 100 destinations, and from our FIX-enabled buy-side clients.  Others may utilize several of the proprietary and third-party front-end clients we provide to give more simplistic order entry functionality across simple internet connections.

  • Customized solutions developed to meet the specific needs of our wide range of clients offer a tremendous value to our clients, providing electronic or manual average pricing, trade allocation, end-of-day recap by fax, email, or phone, online account access and other innovative tools.

  • Each client is provided their own dedicated 800# telephone number for immediate and direct access to their team of traders.  Each client is assigned a team of two to four traders, each with a Team Leader.  There is no intermediary or other sales trader.  Your dedicated 800# will bring you directly to your trader within one or two rings.  If you connect to us via FIX , or utilize our TMC Direct (Direct Order Entry), then your electronic orders as well are instantly delivered to your Trading Team.

  • Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  has serviced the financial markets for nearly three decades with an outstanding regulatory record during this period of time, an affirmation of our focus on our clients' best interest.

  • We offer full pre-open and after-hours trading support, offering a fully staffed and operation trading environment from 7:30am until 6pm, est., each trading day.

When working large orders or illiquid stocks, quality of execution can come in a variety of forms. Sometimes, it means a speedy execution in a fast moving environment.  Other times it also involves price improvements narrowing the inside markets. Often, it can also mean being savvy in the display of an order or showing bids and offers on a stock with a spread.  Manually hunting down liquidity utilizing our knowledge of the markets or other pockets of liquidity can often be of great value on certain trades.  Whatever the situation may require, whatever is needed to achieve optimal trading performance, you can be assured that Trade Manage Capital, Inc. 's Tier One trading desk is well equipped to accomplish the objective, and most importantly, will give a 100% effort to accomplishing the task.

There are good trading desks out there. Most, though, are laden with conflicts of interest.  Some use their talents and resources to trade against your stock, crossing stock against your flow, trading against you for the profit of their firm, at your expense. The result is an inferior fill. Maybe it only costs you a penny. Perhaps five cents.  Maybe more.  Maybe they move the market against your significantly costing you even bigger dollars. 

Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  commits its' resources and leading technologies to getting you the best possible prices. If we do better, you realize 100% of the improvement.  We are a true agency-only Tier One trading desk with over 30 years of experience.  Our shining regulatory track record should speak volumes.  The accolades we have received over the years, including BAIFF's Broker-Dealer of Choice, are just icing on the cake.

For more information, contact us at (800) 221-5676;  Ask for Steve Goldman or Glenn Cochin on our Institutional Desk.