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Steps to opening new account


Review our website or speak to one of our Sales Traders and learn why Trade Manage Capital, Inc. is considered a leading brokerage firm, offering the highest quality execution and brokerage services.  Learn about our Tier One Trading Desk, our proprietary and other custom software applications for routing orders across over twenty-five execution systems to more than 82 liquidity sources.

Click here to download our full-color brochure detailing how our firm can help you better meet your financial objectives.

If you are an institutional account, please call and speak to our Institutional Sales team who will provide the more specific and specialized new account and delivery instruction forms.  If you are a retail account or other account that will be maintaining assets with Pershing LLC, you can obtain the necessary forms on our website.   These forms can be obtained via internet download to the right. They can also be faxed to you or mailed by overnight delivery. Click here to visit our form page.


Complete the account forms and return them to us by Fax or US Mail. Your account will be setup, ready for trading, the same day. You must also fund your account if it is not a DVP (Delivery versus Payment) or other COD account.  Our contact information is found here.


Once you are setup, you will be introduced to all of Trade Manage Capital, Inc. services and as well be provided a dedicated phone line and other logon or username information for all of Trade Manage Capital, Inc. services.  Enjoy our services...you are now one of Trade Manage Capital, Inc. long list of quality clients with whom we hope to develop a strong relationship in the years to come.