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Trade Manage Capital, Inc. Privacy Statement

Per Federal regulations, we are notifying you of our Privacy Statement. We have not changed the manner in which we maintain your personal information. This Privacy Statement applies to Trade Manage Capital, Inc.'s electronic communications as well as any other information we may possess for any source, that involves such information and any other manner of communication or media. Please note that our site contains other site links to other websites. Trade Manage Capital, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices, privacy statements, or content on these sites. We do not collect any personal information unless a visitor to our site explicitly and intentionally provides it via our feedback and information request forms. We do not collect any personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, or sex life.

You may explicitly and intentionally provide us with and consent to our collection of certain personal information by: a) E-mail Request - E-mail to ask questions, request information and materials, or provide comments and suggestions. b) Subscription - Enrolment for one of our products or services requires certain information from you. You may be asked to provide different information. c) Statistical Information: When you visit our site, our computers may collect statistics about your visit.

If we are required by law to disclose certain information to local, state, federal, national or international government or law enforcement authorities, we will do so (for example, we may disclose the identity of purchasers of certain software products to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration, as required under the terms of our export licenses).