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Business Continuity Plan Summary Notice

Persuant to NASD and SEC regulation, Trade manage Capital., Inc. has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to prepare for the possibility of future significant business disruptions (SBD) ranging in severity from a firm only disruption to a regional disruption. Trade Manage's recovery time from an SBD will depend on the severity and significance of the event.

Trade manage Capital., Inc. has a functional offsite facility located in Northern New Jersey providing an alternative location from which we can reasonably operate under such a SBD. In the event of a catastrophic failure on a scale up to and including a citywide disruption, Trade Manage will continue business operations from this offsite facility. Clients will continue to contact us via phone at (800) 221-5676.

Trade manage Capital., Inc. maintains a relationship with Pershing LLC. We fully introduce your accounts to Pershing, LLC as they maintain your assets and settle your transactions on your behalf. In the event of a regional catastrophic event including, but not limited to a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other severe failure where Trade manage Capital., Inc. can no longer conduct business, this Firm may be contacted via phone at the following number:

Pershing LLC

Pershing - Alan Finkelstein...201-413-2530

If you have any questions regarding this summary, please call (800) 221-5676.