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Order Management System

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Trade Manage Capital, Inc takes great pride in the tremendous number of Order Management and Routing technologies at its' disposal.  In addition to leading front-end technology from third party vendors, Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  as well utilizes proprietary technologies to accomplish its objectives:  The best executions for its' clients.

Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  has over 26 different execution technologies offering access to virtually every trading partner in the world, but primarily focuses on approximately 82 different market centers including leading market makers, major listed and regional exchanges as well as every ECN.

For example, our traders have available to them a third-party customized front-end interface with over 42 routes to various liquidities sources available if they desire.  This system lets the broker work orders however they see fit.  The broker may also use a dedicated internet based front-end for each ECN to which the broker may wish to route orders in any primary interface is non-functional.  Various ECNs also offer additional order execution logic or smart-routing and at times we may utilize the direct interface to leverage this.  Additionally, various linkages offer auto-fill, price improvement, mid-point pricing, increase inside-market liquidity, and other value.

How and when we use our various technologies and various liquidity sources is our secret recipe.  The results are top quality executions coupled with the highest quality customer services. Below is more detail on just one of the many technologies we utilize most often.

ESharx Order Management System

Several years ago, seeing after-hours and pre-hours trading begin to rise, knowing the impending regulatory burdens that would come with decimal trading, we began to build an internal order management system that would meet our specific needs. There are a number of vendors that , at the time, provided solutions but they each offered services and technologies that met varying subsets of the needs of our specific clients. Yet, we believe, most were misaligned, offering technologies that had become antiquated in the current marketplace given ever-changing business and regulatory concerns. At the time, we evaluated the offerings on the street and those offered by many clearing firms and felt that none offered the flexibility our traders needed to work a large or small equity order, route orders to multiple destinations, capture all such data electronically, and satisfy all regulatory and other business needs. We decided to build our own.

Trade Manage LLC now offers one of the premier order management solutions in the industry, allowing a broker dealer to manage orders how it sees fit, routing orders to a tremendous range of  liquidity sources, receiving instantaneous or near-immediate fills when enabled by contra-destinations. The systems provide access to ECNS, Exchanges, market makers and regional exchanges.

Over a dozen major firms, some being hundred-million dollar brokerages, are licensees of Trade Manage. Yet, Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  has continued to be one of Trade Manage's strongest clients, a prime beneficiary of all the latest and greatest Trade Manage can offer. The system offers smart-routing, trade allocation, average pricing as well as many other tools to complement the tremendous number of liquidity sources to which it can route orders. The system feeds directly to our client online Trading Site where clients can immediately see the status of the orders, order execution, trade history and many other details. Best, the system offers this tremendous functionality while maintaining a personal customized experience for the client.
eSharx OMST