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Messaging Services

Trade Manage Capital, Inc.  offers a broad range of technologies to communicate with our firm. While 90% of our clients communicate via. dedicated toll free telephone trading lines to our Tier One Trading desk, many clients and investors utilize alternative technologies, as noted below, to better meet their specific objectives.

  • ICQ

  • AOL IM

  • YHOO

  • MSN

  • IRC

Instant Messaging, generically, is an internet based, light-weight messaging tool which provides instantaneous, affordable, alternative communications between certain clients and our firm. While we do not suggest, and at times, will not accept orders through IM, it is great for feedback and guidance on client orders.  For example, a client may give us an order to buy 20,000 DELL.  Rather than wait while we work the order, striving for price improvements, when available, the client may remain connected via. these alternative methods, receiving real-time updates, providing additional guidance and feedback.